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Complex Operational and Organizational Problems

Topic: Doing Business with Hartley Consulting

Dr. Dean S. Hartley III

Hartley Consulting is a veteran owned small business, operated as a sole proprietorship. 

US Government Work.  Hartley Consulting is registered with the US Government Central Contractor Registration (CCR), a CAGE Code, D&B number (DUNS), and a tax identification number (TIN).  Despite meeting all of the requirements for contracting directly with the federal government, I have found it more convenient to work as a subcontractor or consultant to another organization that holds the government contract.  Several of these organizations are listed below.

Private Corporate Work.  Hartley Consulting contracts directly with the organization needing its services.

Agreements.  The work generally begins with the execution of joint non-disclosure agreements (NDAs).  This is usually followed by a contract or purchase order, which includes some form of statement of work (SOW).  In the past, various government related paperwork had to be executed; however, most of this is contained in the CCR registration materials.

Charges.  By law, Hartley Consulting is required to provide the same rate to all government agencies and contracts.  Because Hartley Consulting's contracts for different organizations often overlap, annual rate changes must be included in contract proposals.  The basic charges include a fully burdened hourly rate and reimbursable travel expenses (using GSA standards where applicable).  Upon rare occasions and only when allowed by the contract, materials that are purchased for the project may also be charged.  Hartley Consulting can provide an historical basis for its labor rate, if needed.

Deliverables.  Standard deliverables include monthly progress reports.  These progress reports normally detail work breakdowns by task, travel reports, current and past expenditures, and a graphic comparison of cumulative total expenses over time against the planned cumulative expenses.  Other deliverables are specific to the project.  Invoices are transmitted monthly and include labor hours and reimbursable expenses.  A detailed breakdown of travel expenses is attached.  All of these are delivered by hard copy or electronically or both, as desired by the customer.

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Solving Complex Operational and Organizational Problems
Dr. Dean S. Hartley III, Principal