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Complex Operational and Organizational Problems

Topic: Ontologies

Dr. Dean S. Hartley III

Ontologies are like taxonomies on steroids.  Taxonomies are tree shaped networks.  Each node has one parent and several children nodes.  In an ontology, each node may have several parents as well as several children nodes.  In addition, ontologies may have more than one type of relation between nodes (e.g., "is-a" [a pie is-a dessert] and "part-of" [a crust is part-of a pie]). Sometimes context diagrams, such as the one below, help to understand the relationships among parts of an ontology.

Context Diagram

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Year Client Project
2008 Hartley Consulting Create the DIME/PMESII VV&A Tool.
2010 TRAC Create an IW metric ontology.
2011 Hartley Consulting Improve the IW metric ontology to a total ontology.
2012 TRAC Create a the IW metric ontology 2 from the total ontology.
2013 Hartley Consulting Create a model metadata ontology.
2014 Hartley Consulting Create an IW ontology GUI for the IW metric ontology 2.
2017 Hartley Consulting Extend the IW ontology to Unconventional Conflict and then to Modern Conflict.

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Solving Complex Operational and Organizational Problems
Dr. Dean S. Hartley III, Principal