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Dr. Dean S. Hartley III



My interests vary in intensity over time; however, my interest in book collecting, guitar, MGs, oriental arts, and martial arts have spanned periods ranging from 55 to 45 years. Target shooting is a relatively recent interest.  Aside from my faith, my principal interest, however, lies in solving problems - the heart of my professional career.

Christian Ministry

My Christian faith is important to me.  I have been called to minister as a layman in several ways, such as Eucharistic Visitor, speaker and Vestry member.

This hand was Christ's Hand.

Major Awards

In 1994, I was presented with the Koopman Prize for the year's best publication in Military Operations Research.

In 2013, I was presented with the J. Steinhardt Prize for lifetime achievement in Military Operations Research.

J. Steinhardt Prize

Martial Arts

I started Thai karate and judo in graduate school. I studied Jiu Jitsu when I moved to Oak Ridge and began Tae Kwon Do around 1992.

Breaking four boards in Black Belt Test

Target Shooting

My rifle is a bolt-action .222 caliber rifle. I began shooting with an M1911 style .45 caliber pistol in 2002.

M1911 style .45 caliber automatic pistol five rounds at 45 feet

Asian Art

I became interested in Asian art through my father, who did not claim expert status, but was certainly about as close to that as you can get outside of Japan.  See the Oriental Art page [external link] of Col. D. S. Hartley, Jr. [external link] for additional illustrations of oriental art.

Japanese (Samurai) Swords


I began collecting books in grade school and continue to this day. I collect the books I read, not first editions or similar "collectible" books. Some of the books are shown below. I also belong to an exclusive book club, The Book Klub.  Today I have more than 7000 works: science fiction, mysteries, mathematics, science, literature, and other.

Part of library


I got my first MG (the same model as the one I have now) when I was in college. I broke it while I was in graduate school. In 1977 I purchased another, which I still have.

1959 MGA


I bought a Gibson Classic guitar while I was in college and was given a banjo a few years later. I seldom play the banjo, but enjoy the guitar intermittently.  I recently purchased a ukulele, which I am enjoying.

Gibson Classic
Gibson Classic Guitar


I take pictures when I travel. Some of them turn out well.

Monterey, CA


In 1984, I was active in Troupe County, GA politics.  I was the Chairman of Bob Bell for Governor campaign for Troupe County and a delegate to the GA State Republican Convention.

Bob Bell
Bob Bell



Wife: Eileen O. Hartley


Theresa H. Nelson

Elise H. Henderson

Father: Col. D. S. Hartley, Jr., USMC (ret.) [external link], Marine Aviator, educator, artist, oriental art collector (deceased).

Mother: Ruth B. Hartley (deceased).


Patricia H. Partnow, Ph.D., Owner, Partnow Consulting [external link], Anthropological and Ethnohistorical Research, Cultural Curriculum Design, Workshops in Cross-Cultural Communication

Barbara M. Hartley, Owner, Urbanna Harbor Gallery & Art Services [external link].

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