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Complex Operational and Organizational Problems

GWOT WG#3 Outbrief
GWOT Analysis Resources
(Tools, Data, People, Methods)


Dean Hartley, Hartley Consulting
John Cipparone, Dynamics Research Corp


GWOT Resources Problem:

In order to evaluate tools, data, people, and methods (analysis resources) for suitability for use in the Global War on Terrorism (GWOT), several steps must be taken. First, the nature of GWOT had to be defined sufficiently well that the working group's efforts were coordinated and consistent. Several sections in the report discuss this problem definition. Second, an understanding of available tools was required. The group acquired this understanding through briefings on selected tools, knowledge brought by the participants, and by discussions. The briefings are included as separate products. Third, a framework for evaluation had to be created. This framework was created existentially by attempting to evaluate the known toolset and by observing that evaluation. The framework is discussed in the report. Finally, the result of the evaluations, a database containing a list of tools, with metadata, was created. This database was included as a separate product.


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