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Complex Operational and Organizational Problems

PROJECT: Creating a Custom MRP System

Dr. Dean S. Hartley III

Project Metadata Keywords
Label Name Other Year DurationYrs
Client Milliken & Co. Carpets Milliken & Co.
Dates 1980 4
Employer Milliken Inc
Partner N/A
Pubs Wool Card System programmer 1985
Financial analysis
Industrial issues
Inventory control
Manufacturing Resource Planning (MRP)
Software Issues


As planning manager for a production system, I was also supposed to improve the planning operation.  I did this by converting the manual processes into a computer-based custom Manufacturing Resource Planning (MRP) system.  This involved creating a bill of materials system and a scheduling model for the operation and creating a computer support system for the decision making part of the planning operation.  The result was that what had required a full-time planner now could be done as an added task for one of the other planners, saving about half of a person's time.

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