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Complex Operational and Organizational Problems

PROJECT: Information Management Task Force

Dr. Dean S. Hartley III

Project Metadata Keywords
Label Name Other Year DurationYrs
Client Milliken & Co. Carpets Milliken & Co.
Dates 1983 0.5
Employer Milliken Inc
Partner N/A
Pubs Information Management Task Force Final Report, Milliken TM lead author 1983
Team Chuck Ard, Kent Dykes, Magaret Gaddis, John Hughes, George Malone, Mike Page, Jim Stone, Charles Warren, David Welborn
Analysis of messy data
Computer hardware issues
Data collection
Database design
Financial analysis
Human factors
Industrial issues
Information storage and retrieval
Knowledge Management (KM)
Organizational structure
Software issues


Milliken set up a number of task forces to deal with critical problems across the entire company. I lead the task force on information management. Our team interviewed managers throughout the company to identify issues that might be addressed by improvements in information management.  Having identified problems and likely solutions, the team performed cost/benefit analyses of each one.  The final report to the Presidents consisted of 11 recommendations.  Eight were directly approved; one was slated for piecemeal application; one was put off for later consideration; and one was disapproved.  In addition a number of problems were identified and solved in the course of the process, obviating a need for recommendations.

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