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Complex Operational and Organizational Problems

PROJECT: Compile Process Control Logic Statements

Dr. Dean S. Hartley III

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Client Milliken Electronics Milliken & Co.
Dates 1968 0.25
Employer Milliken Electronics
Partner N/A
Computer hardware issues
Industrial issues
Science, Math and Medicine
Software issues


Milliken Electronics was changing from diode-based logic for its custom-built process control machines to creating the logic based on integrated circuits (IC) of NAND gates, implementing the logic through external connections of the IC pins.  The logic was coded as AND, OR and NOT functions of the process control variables and intermediate variables.  What was needed was a way of translating this logic into the connections among the IC pins that would implement the logic.


The solution was a computer program that compiled the logic into NAND logic and then selected the gates within the ICs for each logic function.  The output of the program was a wiring list that described each pin-to-pin connection.  Essentially, this program compiled the logic into a set of hardware implementation instructions.

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