The data on the available tools for support of OOTW analysis are contained in the following table. The table gives descriptive data: an identifying symbol (ID), the name of the tool, and comments on its use, information on the type of tool (e.g., spreadsheet, database program, or simulation program), the computer type(s) on which it runs, the language in which it is written (e.g., FORTRAN, C, or dBASE), the required operating system, an extra column (Other) for other useful data, and the proponent of the tool. Tools with upper case IDs are particular constructs, with proponents and users. Tools with lower case IDs are generic or methodology tools.

Missing data will be added as the information is volunteered and errors will be corrected as they are identified. Similarly, additional potential tools may need to be added. You (the reader of this page) must be the principal source of additions and corrections. Please let me know.

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