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Complex Operational and Organizational Problems

PROJECT: The Modern Aids to Planning Program (MAPP)

Dr. Dean S. Hartley III

Project Metadata Keywords
Label Name Other Year DurationYrs
Client J8 The Joint Staff
Dates 1986 6
Employer DOE Oak Ridge Facilities
Partner SYSCON Corporation
Pubs "Military Operations Research: Presentations at ORSA/TIMS Meetings," Operations Research author 1992
Pubs "Summary Working Group 29 Combat Models, Gaming and Simulation - Symposium Agenda and Abstracts of Papers," Proceedings of 1991 MORS Symposium author 1992
Pubs Research Notes System programmer 1988
Pubs The Causality Horizon and Parallel Processing for Simulations with Wide Geographic Dispersions, K/DSRD-59 author 1989
Pubs Overview of the Modern Aids to Planning Program (MAPP) and the Role of Martin Marietta Energy Systems, Inc., ORNL/DSRD/TM-24 co-author 1988
Pubs "Computer-Aided Research Notes," Bulletin of the American Society for Information Science author 1989
Pubs Sensitivity Analysis of the Joint Theater Level Simulation, Part 1, K/DSRD-70 lead author 1989
Pubs "Research Notes System: A Database Manager for Annotated Bibliographic Citations," Information Technology and Libraries author 1988
Pubs Users Manual for the Research Notes System (Version 1.5), ORNL/DSRD/TM-18 author 1988
Pubs Computer-Aided Research, ORNL/DSRD/TM-11 author 1988
Team Guy Austin, R. Breuer, John Denson, Kara L. Kruse, Simon D. Rose
Computer hardware issues
Configuration management
Documentation standards
Expert systems
Geographic mapping
Independent Verification & Validation (IV&V)
Model/System integration
Modeling, Simulation & Gaming (MSG)
Sensitivity analysis
Software issues
Software reuse
Statistical inference
Verification, Validation & Accreditation (VV&A)
Warfare modeling

I was Principal Investigator for integration of the Modern Aids to Planning Program (MAPP), a $6-10 million/year, multi-year computer war games project. This project involved design, implementation and improvement of several simulations and their support structure.  MAPP, performed for The Joint Staff/JAD, provided computer and computational/algorithmic support to JAD and to the US combat commands.  The varied projects performed under this program included air tasking order research, algorithmic research on the State of the Art Contingency Analysis (SOTACA) model, and sensitivity analysis of the Joint Theater Level Simulation (JTLS).  The sensitivity analysis provided one part of the verification and validation process for JTLS.

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