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Personal - MG

Dr. Dean S. Hartley III


I got my first MG (the same model as the one I have now) when I was in college. I broke it while I was in graduate school.

1959 MGA with fiberglass hardtop
July 1969
MGA 01 
1959 MGA at Sports Car Rally
Greer, SC Aug 1969
MG 02 
1959 MGA, with roll-bar
in Athens, GA, May 1970
MG 03 

In 1977 I purchased another, which I still have.

1959 MGA as purchased
La Grange, GA
1959 MGA after restoration
La Grange
1959 MGA in Oak Ridge, TN
1959 MGA MGA front view
1959 MGA MG 3 quarter view
1959 MGA


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