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Personal - Martial Arts

Dr. Dean S. Hartley III


I started Thai karate and judo in graduate school. I studied Jiu Jitsu when I moved to Oak Ridge and began Tae Kwon Do around 1992.

Black Belt, 1st Dan
Tae Kwan Do

Presidential Sports Award
Tae Kwan Do

Performing Poomse (Kata) in Black Belt test, 11/8/1997

Performing Self Defense Move against Pistol, 1997

Sparring with a Single Opponent, 1997

Sparring with Two Opponents, 1997

Preparing for Single Board Break, 1997

Performing Series of Board Breaks, 1997

Breaking 4 boards, 1997

With Black Belt, 1997

Feb 25, 1995:  Competition with Steve Packard
Blue Belt, 5th Kyu
Jiu Jitsu
Brown Belt, 3rd Kyu

Presidential Sports Award

Demonstration "throwing Sensei" in Judo

Demonstration "being thrown" in Judo
Blue Belt, 4th Kyu
Thai Karate


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