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Warning: Beware! I was inspired by the Holy Spirit, but I’m human – so, I could have gotten things wrong. I’m an Episcopalian, but more conservative than many in my denomination. That means that there is probably something here for everyone to disagree with. I’m a one-time mathematician, scientist, and now author of science fiction novels. But I’m not a theologian or even a philosopher. However, I believe these visions are worth your consideration. And like the prophets of old, I find I can’t keep my mouth shut!

  • Christian Visions: A Novel Perspective

    We live our Christianity in myriad ways. Who are God’s ministers? How does forgiveness work? What about sin, salvation, prayer, and miracles? Christian visions illuminate these and other questions.

    Novel Perspective front cover Novel Perspective back cover

    Available from Amazon.

  • Christian Visions: Marriage and Other Risks

    We live our Christianity in myriad ways. How is marriage intertwined with Christianity? What about suffering, death, slavery, sports, and war? Christian Visions illuminate these and other questions.

    Marriage front coverMarriage back cover





Dr. Dean S. Hartley III spent his career in the mathematical and scientific world. He served in the military, worked in industry, a national
laboratory, and built his own company. When his wife became ill, he began writing science fiction novels. Naturally, science fiction requires scientific content; however, a novel must flesh out the lives of the characters and that should require addressing their religious lives. Creating the characters’ discussions and the sermons they heard meant that Hartley had to explore his own thoughts, do some research, and ask for spiritual inspiration. These Christian visions may help you in examining your own faith. A portion of the results are now bound as Christian Visions: A Novel Perspective.

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