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Complex Operational and Organizational Problems

Topic: Metadata

Dr. Dean S. Hartley III

Metadata is data about data.  It provides context and additional information about its subject matter.

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Year Client Project
1986 J8 Support the Modern Aids to Planning Program (MAPP).
1989 TRAC Define a combined model database.
1989 TRAC Perform IV&V of the Simulator Network for Training (SIMNET-T).
1990 Future Battle Lab Evaluate the use of SIMNET in WAREX 3-90.
1991 CFCK Analysis Build the Korean Battle Simulation Center (BSC).
1993 J8 Perform IV&V of the Future Theater Level Model (FTLM) conceptual model.
1994 Army Reuse Center Investigate Army software reuse.
1996 International Psychopharmacology Algorithms Project (IPAP) Create psychopharmacology algorithms.
1997 OASD - SO/LIC Create a methodology to simulate the impacts of events in OOTWs.
1998 International Psychopharmacology Algorithms Project (IPAP) Create and execute a web conference for building psychopharmacology algorithms.
1998 International Psychopharmacology Algorithms Project (IPAP) Define options for psychopharmacology algorithms.
1999 J8 Create a Joint Virtual Analytic Center (JVAC).
1999 NATO SAS-026 Panel Create a NATO Code of Best Practice for Command and Control Assessment.
2001 Defense Modeling and Simulation Office (DMSO) Specify the architecture and create an OOTW Toolbox.
2001 US Army Medical Research and Material Command (MRMC) Telemedicine and Advanced Technology Research Center (TATRC) Advise on portable computerized medical records for soldiers.
2002 Oak Ridge National Laboratory Study the problems of commonality in the Future Combat System (FCS).
2003 Hartley Consulting Create the Interim Semi-static Stability Model (ISSM).
2004 International Psychopharmacology Algorithms Project (IPAP) Support the design of a website for psychopharmacology algorithms.
2007 Defense Advanced Research Projects Office (DARPA) Create a VV&A methodology for the COMPOEX system.
2007 Naval Research Lab (NRL) Provide advice on DIME/PMESII tools.
2008 Hartley Consulting Create the DIME/PMESII VV&A Tool.
2010 TRAC Create an IW metric ontology.
2011 Hartley Consulting Improve the IW metric ontology to a total ontology.
2011 US SOUTHCOM Training Perform validation on the DEXES-II conceptual model.
2012 Air Force Research Laboratory Support the GLENS project development.
2012 TRAC Create a the IW metric ontology 2 from the total ontology.
2013 Hartley Consulting Create a model metadata ontology.
2014 Hartley Consulting Create an IW ontology GUI for the IW metric ontology 2.
2017 Hartley Consulting Extend the IW ontology to Unconventional Conflict and then to Modern Conflict.

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Solving Complex Operational and Organizational Problems
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