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Collectors' Bag: Knives and Guns

Navy Times, December 17, 1969
Navy photos by PHC William M. Powers

Examining oldest sword in his collection -- a blade made
about 1065 A.D. - is Col. Dean Hartley Jr. of Quantico. On
the scabbard, Japanese ideograms written by Dr. Junji Homma,
an expert of Samurai swords, authenticate sword's age and
Col. Dean S. Hartley Jr. of Quantico is a collector of swords and  considered to be an expert. He now has a collection of 65. He aquired his first swords on Guadalcanal during World War II. Since then he's gotten others from Japan and pawn shops in Washington, D.C.

Hartley got so wrapped up in swords that he enrolled as a student in Iwakuni, Japan, to learn how they're made. Of his collection, Hartley found 11 swords in pawn shops, one of which carried the name of Japanese Lt. Gen. Hiroshi Nemoto, who commanded garrison forces in Outer Mongolia during World War II. The sword was made in the 13th century.

Additional photos taken for the article

Another view of the Masazane

Checking the signature against a reference book

Seating the blade into the handle

Comparing two swords


Really enjoying the Masazane

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