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Col Hartley's Collection

Gallery 1: Japanese Edged Weapons, General



Sword Making

Old stone forging hammer used by swordsmiths
centuries ago in Osafune

Stages in forging a sword from raw ore to multi-layered steel for forging

Items on Display

Top two swords mounted as Katanas (worn edge up)
Bottom is Shirasaya with Sayagaki - storage scabbard with attribution

Three Tantos (worn edge up)

Tachi (worn edge down)

Mounts and freshly polished sword

Top: Russo-Japanese War Army Mounts
Middle: Navy dirk, mumei, beautiful blade (Gassan?)
Bottom: Russo-Japanese War Navy Mounts

Top: WWII Navy Mounts
Middle: WWII Army Mounts
Bottom:  WWII Staff NCO Mounts

Origami - a Certificate of Authenticity


Dai Sho - paired katana and wakizashi

Top: Kanemoto (Magaroku). Nakajima says signature is correct. 66.4 cm blade.
Bottom: (Kuni?)kane (generation?). Beautiful masame hada.
Mounted han-dachi in iron, signed

Koshirae to T-75 Nobukuni




Top - c 1420 AD, Bottom - dated 1498

Naginata - c 1530, helmet c 1470, left tachi - c 1840, right tachi - c 1400, upper katana - c 1600, lower katana - dated 1858


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