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Metropolitan Monroe Museum
623 Highway 80 East
Monroe, LA 71203


Board Officers
Mrs. Anthony (Anna) Broussard, Chairman
The Rev Chester King, Secretary

Mr. Steve Norris, Vice Chairman
The Rev Gregg Riley, Treasurer
Mr. Bob Allen
Mr. Paul Bonin, Jr.
Mr. Anthony Broussard
Mr. Bob Canterbury
Mrs. Bob Canterbury
Mr. Les Davis
Mr. Jack B. Files

Mr. Jeff Hicks
Mr. Bill Mahan
Mr. Ed. Marshall
Mr. Seth Partnow
Mr. Kevin Rieger
Mrs. John A. (Nan) Salisbury
Mr. Chris Thrash

Dr. Patricia Partnow, Curator
Dr. Dean S. Hartley, Director

Dr. Michael Hartley, Assistant Curator
Ms. Barbara Hartley, Assistant Director


Permanent Collection:  Col D S Hartley, Jr.

Col Hartley

What was gathered is now dispersed,
A collection in memory alone,
Viewed solely in virtual display,
Yet available as never before.


The Metropolitan Monroe Museum is a virtual museum. Col D. S. Hartley, Jr. collected these items - and more; however, he had many bad experiences with the lack of care with which collections of others were treated by inexperienced curators in the various brick and mortar museums. Further, these museums often did not afford access to the truly interested. He found that serious collectors appreciated, cared for, and shared what they owned. Accordingly, much of the physical objects have been dispersed to those who would truly appreciate them. This virtual museum was created to show what can be collected. Some of the items are labeled appropriately, others are (perhaps) mislabeled, still others are merely included as general items of a type. The quality of the pictures varies also. Many of the best pictures are taken from the IM Chait Gallery auction catalogs (labeled with catalog number and attribution) and are used by permission or were made by Ed Marshall to allow collectors to see all of the points (good and bad) or swords for sale, also used by permission.

Metropolitan Monroe Museum
Metropolitan Monroe Museum

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Metropolitan Monroe Museum


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