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Col Hartley's Collection

Gallery 1: Japanese Edged Weapons, Tachi




Body Test  
Sugata (shape, form) SHINOGI ZUKURI TACHI
Mei (signature) KUNIMITSU
Nagasa (blade length) 63.5cm (25")
Overall length 83.82cm (33")
Mihaba (blade body width) 2.22cm (0.875")
Kasane (blade thickness) 0.48cm (0.0.1875")
Sori (curvature) 1.90cm (0.75")
Nakago shortening O-SURIAGE
Mekugi Ana (nakago holes) THREE
Yasurime (nakago file marks) KIRI
Mune (blade back) IORI
Hada (skin texture) ?
Hamon (temper) SUGUHA
Boshi (point temper) YAKITSUNE
Horimono Omote (front carving) NONE
Horimono Ura (back carving) NONE
Habaki (collar) 1 PC. GOLD FOIL
Saya (scabard) KOSHIRAE
Saya notes The koshirae is in pretty good overall condition but looks to be a later made piece, perhaps meji or taisho. I suspect the entire rig is later trying to mimic older.
General notes (Photo by Ed Marshall, click below for more photos) Tachi blade signed Kunimitsu. The blade is such condition that it not much more than a tsunagi for the koshirae. 

Tachi Koshirae, Kunimitsu blade


On 23 October, 1917, a "Samurai of Japan, Yasujiro Ishikawa" presented, on behalf of the Mikado,
a tachi mounted sword which was then "386 years old." the blade was signed Uda Sanekuni (ca. 1532),
has a Green Paper, and is now in my possession. It came in a "birdhead" tachi koshirae.


Signed Suishi-shi Masahide, in good condition
Gold lacquer scabbard, some chipping here and there, but over-all looks good.
Metal work all in silver finish & very impressive.


Inscription and translation relating to Yasunori sword


Tameshigiri "A gold inlay cutting test of a 'two body' cut



Tachi (worn edge down)

c 1320 AD


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