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Col Hartley's Collection

Gallery 4: Asian Porcelain, etc., Lacquer



MS1208 Lot 120  
3 Antique Japanese Lacquer Wedding Bowls
Set of 3, antique Japanese gold on red lacquer wedding bowls: graduating sizes and each of shallow circular form with foliate motif to the center interior (minor flaws); D: 5 1/2" (largest); with signed box and inscription inside box lid with translation
MS1301 Lot 74 
Tall Korean Lacquer Maebyong Vase
Unusual, old and tall, Korean lacquer maebyong vase; with butterfly designs, copper liner, early 20th Century; H: 16"




lacquer box
with mercury driven water fall

lacquer bowl

cinnabar vase

Small lacquer table


lacquer dishes

lacquer box

lacquer cabinet

with doors open

Museum quality Makimono (scroll box)


Enro, closed and fully open


lacquer cabinet with mirror

lacquer vase

lacquer box and dishes

netsuke and enro


Chaire and box signed by Sotetsu (Nakamura Sotetsu, Kyoto, 1617-1695)


display of lacquer and other items


lacquer kogai



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