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Col Hartley's Collection

Gallery 4: Asian Porcelain, etc., Pottery



MON1209 Lot 450  
Massive Old Glazed Pottery Charger
Massive and old, glazed pottery charger; of unusual modernistic design with green splashes and dark brown linear motif, signed MA, possibly Japanese "Mashiko" ware (some glaze flaws); D: 18 1/2"
MS1208 Lot 133
Early Japanese Glazed Ceramic Bowl
Early Japanese enameled ceramic footed bowl; of circular form with slightly inverted rim, and with floral designs, seal mark (rim repair in gold lacquer, hairline and flaws); D: 7"
IFA1209 Lot 136
元 鈞窯碗
Well potted, Chinese Yuan Dynasty, Junyao glazed pottery bowl: of fine wide form, the overall glaze of attractive lavender-blue coloration; D: 8"; with collector's number near base


IFA1209 Lot 137
宋 鈞窯碗
Extremely rare, Chinese Song Dynasty, Junyao glazed "bubble bowl": of very fine form and color with brilliant purple splash to the interior; D: 3 3/8"


IFA1209 Lot 141
宋 兔毫盞
Large and of unusual form, Chinese Song Dynasty "hare's fur" temmoku glazed tea bowl, with inverted rim; with collector's number; D: 6 1/4"


IFA1209 Lot 144
宋 影青鳳凰花卉紋碗
Chinese Song Dynasty, yingqing glazed bowl: of flared form with unglazed rim; the interior with moulded phoenix amid flowers and foliage; D: 7 1/8"


MS1301 Lot 77
Group of Three Early Glazed Bowls
Group of 3 early glazed bowls: 2 Chinese (each with some craqueleur) and one Chinese or Korean with abstract scrolling motifs to the exterior and "double happiness" characters (some flaws); 14-16th Century; D: 7 1/4" (largest)


MS1302 Lot 109
Four Antique Japanese Glazed Ceramic Bowls
Group of 4 antique Japanese glazed ceramic bowls; various kilns: one with florals on green ground (glaze flaws); the largest with bamboo motifs to the exterior, some remaining enamels to the interior, seal mark and signed; and two with similar linear designs to half, half with green glaze, larger with seal mark, the smaller of shallow form (rim chip); D: 8" (largest)


MS1302 Lot 196
Late Koryo Dynasty Celadon Glazed Bowl
Late Koryo Dynasty, Korean celadon glazed bowl; circular with carved florals to the interior (crack and repaired rim chip),12th/13th Century; D: 7 1/2"


MS1302 Lot 205
Old Japanese Parcel Glazed Pottery Vessel
Old Japanese parcel-glazed art pottery vessel; of eccentric, somewhat cylindrical form with flared rim and two loop handles, H: 10 3/4", wood box


MS1302 Lot 215
Antique Korean Glazed Yuhu-Type Vase
Probably Choson Dynasty, antique Korean glazed yuhu-type vase; with stylized florals and linear bands (restored); H: 11"


MS1208 Lot 33 
Old Japanese Pottery Demon Mask
Old Japanese pottery Hannya demon mask; baring his teeth and sticking out his tongue, patinated to look like bronze (some wear); L: 8"
MS1301 Lot 75
Antique Japanese/Korean Pottery Jar
Antique Japanese or Korean pottery jar; with globular base and tall cylindrical neck, with some natural ash glaze, possibly Bizen ware; H: 7"



L to R: Minato (stamped seal) summer tea bowl (chawan) [ex. Wilder Collection & ex. Brundage Coll]
Chinese Sung dynasty "oil spot Temmoku" chawan
Old Soma (possible Karatsu?) chawan

L to R: Old Oribe chawan, underglaze signature Noburu
Chinese Sung dynasty Chun Yao chawan [ex Rutherston Coll]
K-Seto summer chawan

L to R: Rokubei (stamped seal) chawan [ex Brundage Coll]
Takatori (Satsuma) or Karatsu chawan
Gray Shino chawan

L to R: Red Raku chawan, two unreadable seals, style of Doniu
Old Oribe chawan
Ko-Karatsu chawan

L to R: Black Raku chawan
Chinese Sung dynasty Chien Yao (Temmoku) chawan
Kenzan chawan, signature on white [ex Brundage & Wilder Collections]


Rear L to R: Imari type white porcelain bottle
E-Seto dish, Edo period
Front L to R: White porcelain bowl, 16th century
Korean celadon

Rear L to R: Chinese Sung dynasty Ching-Pai saucer dish
Korean Koryo dynasty celadon bowl
Front L to R: Chinese Western Chin dynasty Old Yueh Yao bowl, c 265 AD
Chinese Sung dynasty black Yueh Yao
Korean Koryo dynasty celadon "lotus" bowl (excavated)

L to R: Old Oribe cookie dish [ex Brundage Coll]
Dohachi hanging vase
Shigaraki water container (Mizuzashi)

Rear L to R: Hozon tea caddy (cha-ire) [ex Brundage Coll]
Korean Koryo dynasty incense burner (Koro)
Chinese Ming dynasty (Hsuan Te Nien Chih) cha-ire
Front L to R: Siamese Sawan Khalok incense box (Kogo)
Takatori (Satsuma) cha-ire

Seto Oil disk, ca 1770


Yatsushiro Mishina

Satsuma Jakatsu (snake skin glaze) chawan, c1830


Left: Chinese K'ang Hsi celadon vase (color is actually celadon)

Bizen vase 8 1/2" tall, 18-19th century


Yi Dynasty pot

Yi Dynasty pot Ko-Dai

Kakema Karatsu (brush-marked)

Hakema Karatsu Ko-Dai

Sung T'zu Chou

Sawankhalok Celadon

Oil Spot temmoku

Sung Lung Ch'uan celadon


Iga Yaki Vase, 17-18th cent, 6 1/4"


Goshomaru, per Hamada
(Dr Hayashiya says Takatori,
Stearn Collection said Hizen Karatsu)

"rings" well - indicating high-fired

Kenzan - 4 views



tea ceremony


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