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Col Hartley's Collection

Gallery 5: Asian Carvings, Metal



MS1208 Lot 215
Old Japanese Signed Bronze Mask
Early 20th Century, Japanese bronze mask; patinated, somewhat silvered and with gilt eyes and lips, fiber mustache and beard, signed with seal mark (some wear); L: 9 1/2"


IFA1209 Lot 125  
Antique and very unusual, parcel gilt bronze Bodhisattva; seated on lotus base and holding a bottle: mounted as a circular plaque incised with the donor's name and an inscription to the front, the back incised and dated 1718; D: 10 3/4"; Provenance: TK Oriental
IFA1205 Lot 27 
Unusual and antique, Japanese miniature bronze and soft metal dish; of circular form with "handle", and with design of bird and wisteria, signed and seal mark, late 19th Century; D: 4 5/8"; possible decoration for helmet. Provenance: Ricardi Galleries


MS1301 Lot 76
Pair of Japanese Silver Plated Compotes
Pair of Japanese silver plated compotes; each circular with various floral mon to the interiors and with meandering pattern to one rim, circular seal marks; D: 6 1/2" (each)


MS1301 Lot 142
Two Old Japanese Iron Teapots
Two old Japanese iron teapots: larger with textured body, bronze lid with blossom finial, signed; and shorter with allover nipple bosses, seal marks and signed bronze lid with blossom finial; each with hinged handle; H: 9" (taller)


MS1301 Lot 365
Antique Chinese Silver Snuff Bottle
Antique Chinese repoussť silver Mongolian/Tibetan-style snuff bottle; with detailed pomegranates on branches front and back, coral and malachite "jewels", matching stopper; H: 3", fine wood stand


MS1304 Lot 107
Iron Model of Standing Buddha Figure
Japanese or Korean iron figure of a young Buddha; standing on a circular lotus pedestal, with one arm raised and pointing upward, gilt mark; H: 7 1/4", in signed wood box



three mirrors

bronze tiger

articulated shrimp 

articulated crab

"Tetsusen" (iron fan)

Bronze portrait statue of Toyotomi Hideyoshi
Signed Seimin Saku (master of Somin, Teijo, Toun [Yasuchika], Masatsune, Keisai)

pill box

miniature mask

crocodile with fish in mouth

candle holder

Bronze mirror, Han to Ming

Bronze dish, Japanese


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