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Col Hartley's Collection

Gallery 6: Asian Paintings, etc., Books



IFA1207 Lot 358 
水墨設色 日本古歌配圖 手軸
Antique Japanese handscroll in ink and color on paper; of poems and illustrative figural and landscape scenes, Edo Period; L: 42 ft. (approx.); in wood box; Provenance: Schellum Collection, St. Paul MN, exhibited in University of Minnesota Gallery, Summer 1970, with original exhibition receipt


IFA1207 Lot 359
水墨設色 平治物語繪詞 手軸
Very elaborately detailed and long, Japanese handscroll in ink and colors on paper; of a continous historic, narrative figural scene depicting events taking place in the 12th Century; L: 28 ft (approx.), signed wood box


IFA1209 Lot 378
Antique Chinese silk edict; mounted as a handscroll with Japanese lacquered scroll ends; inscription in Chinese and Manchu: opening with "By Command of Heaven", proclaiming an honor given to the grandparents of military official Chen Wen-hui, dated 36th year of Qianlong (corresponding to 1771), with two large imperial seal impressions; L: 131" x 12 1/4"; signed wood box with translation and pictures inside.  (See figures below for more detail.)


MS1306 Lot 477
Collection of 24 Various Old Japanese Books
Collection of 24 various old Japanese books: some sets and several individual (all with some wear); L: 12" (largest)


L'Art Japonais aL'Art Japonais b
MS1410 Lot 380 
Two Japanese & Chinese Art
Reference Books
L'Art Japonais, Vol. II by Louis
(1883); 369 pages with 32
plates, many of which are
chromolithographs, and with
numerous illustrations within the
French text
Ko-Ji Ho-Ten a Ko-Ji Ho-Ten b
MS1410 Lot 381  
Two Volumes of Ko-Ji Ho-Ten by V.F. Weber
Ko-Ji Ho-Ten: Dictionnaire a l'usage des amateurs et collectionneurs d'objects d'art Japonais et Chinois Vol. I and II by V.F. Weber (1965) reprint of 1922 edition; 511/509 + 142 (index) pages with hundreds of black and white illustrations within the French dictionary; blue leather cover with gilt titled spine (wear to cover, minor toning and foxing to pages); 15" x 11 1/4" (each)
Japanese Art 
MS1410 Lot 382  
A History of the Japanese
Art & Japanese Print Booklet
A History of the Japanese Art, 3 Vols. translated to English by Y. Takenobu (1908) comprised of 103/197/28 pages + index with plates and illustrations, few in color, with original cloth bindings; together with sixty pages of ink and color print on paper depicting numerous samurais against a variety of contenders, with accompanying text to right side (considerable wear to each; toned, stains and flaws); 19" x 13" (larger)
IFA1411 Lot 373 
日本藝術書籍 四本
The Ornamental Arts of Japan by George Ashdown Audsley, in four large bound volumes, Parts I and II; marked copy number 268, of an edition of 500 for American Subscribers; New York, Charles Scribner's Sons 1883 and 1884; mounted with color plates; 16" x 11 3/4" (each approx.)


A book scroll, measuring about 1 foot by 12 feet.
The first half is in the left hand script reading to the center, the second half is in Chinese,
reading back to the center, with two imperial seals side by side.
The image to the left is the end (title section) of the brocade covering.






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