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Col Hartley's Collection

Gallery 6: Asian Paintings, etc., Kakimono



IFA1209 Lot 367  
Two Antique Japanese Silk Scrolls
水墨設色 日本人物
Antique Japanese painting on silk: of a colorful samurai warrior, inscription and signed (attributed to) Minomoto Takauji, mounted as scroll with metal scroll ends, signed box; together with antique Japanese silk scroll of a colorful seated archer, signed and with inscription (toned and creasing, wormage to one, as is); 29 1/4" x 10 1/4" (larger)



paintings displayed as scrolls

Sun and Moon, Tanrei Shisei on silk
(by Kano Tanjo ca 1752)

Kwaigetsudo Anchi



Portrait of a Gaijin Boy, unsigned


Very old silk painting

Pet monkeys

Old Chinese people scene

"Little Ol' Samurai" - a favorite

Ko Mon or Tora Mon, Tiger Bridge
given by Gen Nemoto on the "My Secret"
program in Japan on the return of his sword
(see complete details at Letter to Bob)


Person Looking at Waterfall

Shrike on Maple Branch

Going on Picnic with Umbrella

Big Waterfall


Geisha Cleaning Ear of Hairy Man

Sleeping Wiseman

Standing Geisha Sitting Samurai


Three Birds by Keibun and Gito
On cover of box "Matsumura (?) ..."
"Nagamoto (?) Keibun (to) Shibata Gito Ye-saku"
"... Keibun and Shibata Gito did this together"
Painting is signed and sealed
On right: "Little birds painted from nature - Keibun"
(utsusu ko-kin Keibun)
On left: "Spring flowers (?) painted from nature - Gito"
(utsusu haru-bana Gito)
Keibun (1779-1843), Kyoto Shijo school, studied
with Matsumura Goshun and Maruyama Okyo.  One
of best. Gito (1780-1819), Bizen & Kyoto Shijo
school, studied with Goshun. Important. Both famous
for kachoga (animals & landscapes)

Megata Masahiro's Riding Horse



Silk painting

Shinto Calligraphy



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