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Col Hartley's Collection

Gallery 8: Miscellaneous, Non-Asian Non-Paintings



IFA1205 Lot 314  
Antique French painted enamel portrait vase; of ovoid form set on a slim pedestal foot: depicting a noblewoman on a green ground, framed by rose garlands and with scattered roses around the vase on a white engraved ground, with sterling silver rims; H: 7 3/4"


MS1301 Lot 54
Signed Bronze Dish: Leda and Swan
Bronze dish; of rounded rectangular form with central design in relief of Leda and the Swan in amorous embrace, signed Muss '46; L: 8"


MS1301 Lot 84
Old American Indian Miniature Silver Flask
Old American Indian engraved silver miniature flask and cover, flattened circular form, with chain attachment; L: 3"


MS1301 Lot 194
Fine Lapis Lazuli Pavéd Box
Lapis lazuli pavéd box with hinged cover; rectangular and with good color, the interior lined with translucent white marble or onyx; L: 4"


MS1302 Lot 118
Art Deco Bronze Figure: Girl Standing
Art Deco bronze figure of a girl; standing bundled in a coat: her hands in a muff, with her back turned against a strong wind, ivory-like composition face and marble base, early 20th Century; H: 11"


IFA1307 Lot 413
Rare American iridescent art glass bowl by Steuben; of wide bulb form with inverted rim, of translucent golden coloration; signed Aurene #2867(?); D: 9 1/2" (approx.)




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