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Col Hartley's Collection

Gallery 8: Miscellaneous, Pocket Watches



Gold Waltham Premier 2 dials, no cover, 21 jewels
Gold Hamilton 2 dials, no cover, chain
14k gold Hamilton Dueber Champion 2 dials, box
18k gold Piaget 1 dial, cover, box, chain
18k gold 1 dial, enamel face, no cover, box
Goldtone Elgin 2 dials, cover
Goldtone Elgin 2 dials, no cover
Goldtone Dueber Watch Co Hunter case, 2 dials, cover, chain
Woman's goldtone Waltham 2 dials, cover
Twotone Majestron quartz 1 dial, cover -train design, chain, box
14k gold Elgin 2 dials, cover, chain
Steel Japan movement quartz 1 dial, no cover, oil? filled
14k gold Elgin dials, cover, double back, box
Niello (silver) Chinese 2 dials, cover, chain, box, broken back cover hinge
Gold Hampden 2 dials, no cover
Lacquer ? Ball shape Lacquer is partially off, chain
White 14k gold Howard 2 dials, no cover
Gold Waltham 2 dials, cover, chain
14k gold Elgin 2 dials, cover
18k Gold Matcham & Gilbert (M&G) Clock & Watch Company, ca 1790, key wind 2 dials, cover (hallmark), chain, key


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