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Col Hartley's Collection

Gallery 8: Miscellaneous, Pre-Columbian Art



MS1208 Lot 209A  
Pre-Columbian Pottery Seated Figure
Pre-Columbian pottery figure; stylized and seated with legs crossed and hands resting on his knees, good detailing to head and face, much remaining pigment (old repairs and wear); H: 13"


IFA1209 Lot 283
Very well carved and possibly Early, Pre-Columbian-style hardstone mask: with stylized features and drilled attachment holes around the edges; the stone of mottled dark and light green with some reddish suffusions; H: 7 1/8"


MS1301 Lot 383
Peruvian Pre-Columbian Black Pottery Vessel
Peruvian Pre-Columbian (probably Chimu) black pottery vessel; with stirrup-type handle and single spouted to the top, with moulded figural motifs (chips and repair); H: 6 1/2"


MS1302 Lot 235
Pre-Columbian Pottery Warrior Figure
Pre-Columbian pottery figure: male warrior in a somewhat seated position, wearing a horned hat and unusual "shirt", wielding a club (chips, repairs); H: 11"



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