10. Information Availability and Analysis

The tool that supports this requirement consists of a database system to support data collection and analysis for all other tasks.

Elements include:

The tool requirements are provided by the OOTW analysis tasks that it must support.

Perform intelligence collection and ISR, task # 3.10: Define Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) needs and collect information and intelligence to support the mission, including information concerning threat, friendly and neutral elements and environmental information.

This is a database (possibly distributed) tool, with attention paid to standard feeds from current data entry and ease of data retrieval. The priority is 1; modelability is rated as Yellow (Y); and the data availability is rated as Very Hard (V). Because information availability is central to all of the other requirements and needs immediate attention at the research and development, experimental and user levels, the recommended action is to do now.

The table below will be updated as information is posted on the bulletin board for each requirement.

Table 10. Information Availability and Analysis Tools

ID Tasks Addressed
3.10 Feed to Other Tools
GCCS AnchorDesk y  
stat analysis    

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