3. Mission Definition and Analysis

This tool supports mission definition in its broadest sense. At the National Command Authority (NCA) level this includes the basic definition of the mission, while at the CINC level this includes suggested refinements or requests for clarification. The tool requirements are provided by the OOTW analysis tasks that it must support.

Develop mission, MOEs, etc., task # 2.1: Develop the proposed mission and its elements and the MOEs necessary for evaluating the progress of the mission.

Determine ROEs, task # 2.2: Determine the appropriate ROEs for the proposed mission and its elements under various potential situations.

Define end-state, transition criteria, task # 2.3: Define the mission end-state and the nature of the transition to be carried out at mission end. Define the criteria for the elements of the transition.

Create command arrangements, span of control, task # 3.1: Define the relationships among the military, government agencies, coalition forces, and Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs)/ Private Volunteer Organizations (PVOs).

This is a simple decision support tool that supports the organization and display of inputs and choices. The priority is 2; modelability is rated as Green (G); and the data availability is rated as Available (OK). The recommended action is to do now.

The table below will be updated as information is posted on the bulletin board for each requirement.

Table 3. Mission Definition Tools

ID Tasks Addressed
2.1 2.2 2.3 3.1
CAPS y      
ExTemplate disasters   disasters disasters
FAST-OR y      
JFACC PT ?      

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