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Science and Speculative Science in Sense of Gravity Series

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This novel is science fiction. That means it is a story with some connection to science, particularly speculative science. 


Superconductivity is a fact; a current sent through a superconducting loop doesn't lose energy and continues indefinitely.  And because superconducting wire - or tape - can carry much higher currents than conventional wire, superconducting magnets can be much stronger than conventional electromagnets.  Among other things, this fact permits effective magnetic levitation - maglev (see here.)

Gravity is a fact, although how it relates to the other basic forces of nature is currently unknown.  However, all known instances of gravity-wells (see figure below) are connected to masses, leading to the obvious conclusion that they are inseparable.



Euclidean manifolds (things that look like Euclidean n-space locally) come in two varieties, orientable and non-orientable.  The orientable manifolds have unsurprising features; however, the non-orientable manifolds are different.  The simplest example is the Möbius band.  The example on the left shows a single twist, simple example.  It only has one side and one edge!

moebius band


A simple loop of superconducting tape will create a magnetic field.  The science fiction here is that a Möbius band of superconducting tape will create a gravity-well.  And two such loops add control to the creation.  The rest of the fiction follows from this assumption.


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