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Complex Operational and Organizational Problems

Topic: Financial Analysis

Dr. Dean S. Hartley III

Financial analyses include both micro- and macro-economic data and theories, as well as accounting practices.

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Year Client Project
1978 Milliken & Co. Fashion Fabrics Define how to enter the dress business.
1978 Milliken & Co. polyester yarn Schedule polyester yarn texturizing optimally.
1978 Milliken & Co. weaving Schedule looms optimally.
1979 Milliken & Co. Carpets Develop just-in-time scheduling for inventory control.
1980 Milliken & Co. Carpets Build custom MRP systems.
1983 Milliken & Co. Carpets Develop customer financial-support analyses.
1983 Milliken & Co. Carpets Develop marketing and sales forecasts.
1983 Milliken & Co. Carpets Lead the Information Management Task Force.
1990 NAVAIR Systems Command Analyze UAV cost and training effectiveness.
1993 Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Make recommendations on FBI systems productivity.
1994 Army Reuse Center Investigate Army software reuse.
1994 US Coast Guard Conduct OPA 90 analyses.
1997 OASD - SO/LIC Create a methodology to simulate the impacts of events in OOTWs.
1998 US Forces Japan Recommend a statement of work for US Forces Japan Construction Management procurement.
2005 Battle Command Simulation & Experimentation (BSCE); G3/5/7 Create a Battle Command Modeling & Simulation Science & Technology rank-ordered list.
2015 Rather Creative Innovations Group (RCIG) Develop plans for grid-level energy storage.
2015 Sisyphus Energy, Inc (SEI) Create web site for Sisyphus Energy Inc (SEI).
2018   The Power of Synergy Symposium Co-Chair symposium and act as Treasurer.

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Solving Complex Operational and Organizational Problems
Dr. Dean S. Hartley III, Principal