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Modeling & Simulation


This is the webpage for Modeling & Simulation.  The discussions, news articles, and job announcements are hosted on the LinkedIn Group website.



Issues in M&S

Article in Training & Simulation Journal.

Article in Wired.

AMSAA powerpoint (pptx format) about An Integrating Framework for Interdisciplinary Military Analyses (also in ppt format and pdf format).

Collaborative Discussions

Jeff Abbott's framework.

Models in use

Type Name Links Developer or Proponent
Situational Awareness Interim Semi-static Simulation Model (ISSM) Background and Description Hartley Consulting
  Measuring Progress in Conflict Environments (MPICE) Background United States Institute of Peace
Forecasting Gallup Leading Assessment of State Stability (GLASS)   Gallup
  Political Radicals (POLRAD)   Gallup
  Conflict Assessment System Tool (CAST) Article The Fund for Peace
Social Network ORA Tools and Downloads CASOS
General Simulation Synthetic Environments for Analysis and Simulation (SEAS) Background Simulex
  Conflict Modeling, Planning, and Outcomes Experimentation (COMPOEX) VV&A Project DARPA
  The Flexible Asymmetric Simulation Technologies (FAST) Toolbox: Diplomatic and Military Operations in a Non-warfighting Domain (DIAMOND)-US; Interim Semi-static Stability Model (ISSM); Joint Conflict and Tactical Simulation (JCATS); Unit Order of Battle Data Access Tool (UOB DAT); Pythagoras; and supporting tools Background DMSO, DRC
  Diplomatic and Military Operations in a Non-warfighting Domain (DIAMOND)   DSTL, UK
  HSCB Testbed   CERDEC I2WD
  Strategic Management System (STRATMAS) Background Joint Staff (J8) and Swedish Armed Forces
  Pythagoras Description Ed Bitinas, Donna Middleton, Northrop Grumman
  National Operational Environment Model (NOEM) Background Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL)
Political Opinion Simulation Senturion Background Sentia Group
Counterinsurgency COIN (or Hairball) A System Dynamics model of the FM 3-24 COIN Manual, 2009 JIEDDO, J8/WAD
  SWORD "The SWORD model of Counterinsurgency: a summary and update," Small Wars Journal, 2008. John T. Fishel & Max G. Manwaring
Game DNI/NIC Strategic Game   DNI
  Peace Support Operations Model (PSOM) Overview DSTL, UK
  EDMSIM (Emergency and Disaster Management SIMulation) exercise support simulation Overview C4i Consultants
  CELTS (Civil Effects Leaders Training Simulation) Overview Northrop Grumman
  DEXES (Deployable Exercise System)   Loren Cobb University of Colorado, Denver; USSOUTHCOM
Ontologies, Taxonomies and Lists Doing Windows Doing Windows: Non-Traditional Military Responses to Complex Emergencies and rptDoingWindowsNetwork.pdf. Hayes, Bradd C. & Jeffrey I. Sands, CCRP, Washington, DC
  Operations Other Than War (OOTW) Flexible Asymmetric Simulation Technologies (FAST) Prototype Toolbox: ISSM v4.00 Analysts' Guide ISSM and rptISSMNetwork.pdf. Hartley Consulting
  DIME/PMESII VV&A Tool (Software) VVATool and rptVVAToolOntology.pdf. Hartley Consulting
  Haskins "A Practical Approach to Cultural Insight," Military Review,Sept-Oct 2010 and rptHaskinsList.pdf Haskins, Casey
  Post-Conflict Reconstruction Essential Tasks and rptOCRSTaxonomy.pdf Office of the Coordinator for Reconstruction and Stabilization, US Dept of State, Washington, DC
  MPICE Measuring Progress in Conflict Environments (MPICE): A Metrics Framework for Assessing Conflict Transformation and Stabilization, Version 1.0 and rptMPICEOntology.pdf Dziedzic, Michael; Barbara Sotirin; and John Agoglia, US Institute for Peace, Washington, DC
  Hilson Requirements for a Government Owned DIME/PMESII Model Suite and rptHilsonTaxonomy.pdf Hilson, Roger; et al., Office of the Secretary of Defense Modeling & Simulation Steering Committee, Washington, DC
  Corruption in Afghanistan: Conceptual Model NDUHSCB and rptCorruptionOntology.pdf Hartley Consulting
  IW Decomposition Analytic Strategy, TRAC, Overview Briefing for IW WG rptDecompList.pdf TRAC, Ft Leavenworth, KS
  Metrics v3.xls rptMetricsV3Taxonomy.pdf Paul Works, TRAC, Ft Leavenworth, KS
  HSCB Taxonomy "A Taxonomy for HSCB Research and Operations" Proceedings of the HSCB Focus 2011 Conference, rptHSCBTaxonomy.pdf Klein, G., HSCB Conference, February 8-10, 2011, Chantilly, VA
  PRIME Political, Military, Economic, Social, Infrastructure, Information (PMESII) Effects Forecasting for Course of Action (COA) Evaluation, rptPRIMETaxonomy.pdf Lowrance, J.D. & J. L. Murdock, Air Force Research Laboratory, Rome, NY
  FASP Foreign Assistance Standardized Program Structure and Definitions and rptFASPTaxonomy.pdf Department of State & USAID, Washington, DC
  FM3-24.2 FM 3-24.2 US Army, Washington, DC
  Non-DoD LOEs   TRAC Ontology Workshop 3, TRAC, Ft Leavenworth, KS
  IW Metric Ontology IW Metric Ontology Hartley Consulting and Lee Lacy, DRC
  Total IW Ontology (discusses all ontologies, etc.) Total IW Ontology Hartley Consulting


Other Lists of Models


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